Siberian larch decking

For those who like longevity we offer larch decking made of Siberian larch. Larch serves twice as long as a coniferous terrace, suitable for both outdoor terraces and woodpeckers, where there is close contact with water.

Basic information:

Thickness: 27, 43mm

Width: 95mm (0/0) ,120mm, 143mm

Lenght: 2, 3, 4, 6m

Moisture: 16% – 20%

Class: A/B, C, Elite


 Available profiles:

0/0 – smooth surface on both sides.

1/3 – the upper side of the board is ruffled (corduroy), the lower side is ruffled 5-7 riffles depending on the width.

3/1 – upper side corrugated 5-7 reefs depending on width, lower corrugated (corduroy)


Under construction:

To ensure longevity, we strongly recommend laying the board on the base of Siberian larch. Our under construction are planed.

Thicness: 45mm

Width: 68, 98mm

Lenght: 3, 4m

Class: A/B, C


Available profiles:

1/1 – fluted surface on both sides, fluted for better water flotation.

0/0 – Smooth surface on all sides.